Ouvert (Open in French) aka OuverBot, is the result of the discontinuation of JopeBot, a bot designed and developed to help Guitar/Clone Hero streamers have an easy to use system for song requests.
As a full-stack software engineer as well as sys-admin, I didn't want to have people lose out when JopeBot ended, so for the few CH streamers I currently watched, I threw together a very quick request site/bot. I took this base code and completely we-wrote it for a multi-user system.
With a mix of technologies, including Node/Javascript/WebSockets and general Web tech, we've developed a system that is fully integrated between the website and the bot, utilising websockets to ensure fast and efficient updates to the pages, and keep the site as minimalistic as possible. This allows us to reduce the amount of load on the Website and API by only applying updates to pages for those who need it, rather than long-polling (a method by which you check for updates on a repeated interval) and having a waste of resources on both client and back-end.
Absolutely nothing! As I run my own company and servers, Ouvert runs on those with dedicated resources in terms of CPU, RAM and networking. I won't be charging you at all for any of this, and due to having those resources, it should mean Ouvert won't be going anywhere.
However, there are plans in place for 2 things: Donations and Subscription Tiers. To clarify, the BASE Ouvert and all it's functionality will be free.
Donations will be if you wish to thank us for our work/support us to do more.
Subscription Tiers will be to provide you with ADDITIONAL functionality on top of what you already have.
Right now, we're working as best we can to integrate as many features as possible, but so far Ouvert is still limited as it is in Alpha, and has not been live long. We have a Website which includes a Dashboard for Streamers, this allows you to manage your request queue, settings and song list. This happens immediately and allows instant updates to any viewers who may be utilising the website/bot. The Website also include a public area, which allows people to login via Twitch and request songs, see the entire song list and see the current request quee. We have a bot which can connect to your channel, and take in requests via the chat, allowing users to request directly from your live broadcast without the need to login to the website. The bot customisation is very limited at this moment and more features/customisation will come at a later date.
At this moment, the bot runs on my servers, removing the need for you to run the bot at all on your machine, reducing the network impact as well as any CPU impact a classic self-run bot might incur. We are looking into the possibility of providing custom bot names (this is essentially running another bot with the same code, and will require us to set up new scripts to handle this) however, this will probably be a subscription tier, as it will not be cost effective to give this feature away for free (at this date and time)
Ahh! Something I've definitely thought about and considered. I would love to provide language support other than the base English, however this is outside my realm of knowledge (I don't know any other languages) and thus would have to find people willing to help translate the entire site/bot. This is probably better left until we have a solid foundation and have released version 1 (non-alpha) into the wild. But trust me, I definitely want it to be open to all as much as possible.
We're in the process of making tutorials. Once they're available we'll let you know!
The bot automatically leaves channels/refreshes itself to keep the RAM in check, and not force itself to have to process every and all messages of every channel it joined if it didn't leave. Just double check the Bot portion of the Dashboard and make sure to click join if it's no longer in. If it's still not responding, and it says it's in, try leaving and then joining. Last resort, just give me a ping and I'll check and sort it!
There are a few solutions. If there bot isn't responding, your best bet is to just Moderate the bot '/mod OuvertBot'. This will also fix the next issue. If Links are replaced with stars, you can update your twitch settings to allow links, or you can, as mentioned, moderate the bot.
There is nothing to download with Ouvert. This means no security flaws, no disabling anti-virus, no need to waste system resources on running a bot locally, no extra piece of storage space used for no reason. We run everything on our servers so you don't have to.
If you have any questions about this, just ask!

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