Ouver Recap

  • Released Ouvert recap!


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug which overwrote all requests when granted a priority request, system now targets only the LATEST request when updating
  • Priority Requests can now be redeemed when Song Reqs are closed


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug stopping you from manually removing songs in the requests dashboard
  • Fixed a bug not showing all available urls in "Chat Web URL" dropdown

2022-01-31 (Part 2)

Priority Requests!!

  • A simple system for now with more customisability later
  • Triggered by a mod/streamer: !priority [name] [weight]
  • Higher the weight, higher the priority (between 1 and 10)
  • Can be redeemed up to 1 hour before it expires
  • Will allow people to request multiple times even if there is a limit (allowing them to redeem before expiry)
  • Need any help or have any questions? Feel free to ask in discord!


New year! New updates!

  • Added caching to frontpage (5 minutes) to reduce initial load, increase speed and to reduce the number of twitch requests we do to show who is live
  • Logging in to a songs page now redirects you back (sorry it took so long!)
  • Fixed a bug with times requested, which would break the numbers when clicking "clear list"
  • Added a Rocksmith section to convert your CFSM exports within Ouvert, this will provide you a file to use inside the Clonehero section
  • Cleared up some visuals to make the backend less... bloated
  • Fixed a bug (hopefully) where the bot would fail to reconnect to channels properly


New overlay: Request queue open/closed


API Rework... and so much more

  • To achieve this update, we had to completely overhaul our migrations scripts! Previously they only allowed for SQL scripts to be ran to modify the database, however this limited our ability to run any code, meaning we couldn't retroactively insert data or run functions against the dataset without a lot of workaround. Now? Now we can run SQL or code on a migration allowing more flexibility for future updates!
  • Because of this... We now have a completely overhauled REST API, ahearding to a more strict format and utilising API keys for each user. Each user will now have a Public and Private API key, the key differences being the endpoints they can access. This will become more clear once the docs have been finalised!
  • Code cleanup! We've completely removed the old song system from Ouvert and the code surrounding it (Sorry Legacy users, time to update!)
  • New Overlays page! There is now a dedicated page for all Overlays we have and will have. We've also added a new overlay: Queue!
  • Requests placed via the website (and overwrites) will now post in chat (with a [WEBSITE] prefix) so that those streamers who utilise chat for this have it there also, rather than JUST the requests dashboard!
  • Request History page! You will now find a history of all your requests (played and deleted). This is under Functionality -> Clonehero -> Request history.
  • New Dashboard stat! You will now notice a "Requests played" count allowing you to see just how many requests you've played!


Refactored song searching system JSON because someone *cough* Stubo *cough* has too many songs!


Fixed a bug with broken ordering of requests introduced with new features


Visual Updates

  • Fixed the front page visual issue
  • Updated the new live feature to be better on mobile
  • Updated the CloneHero dashboard to be cleaner


Live streamer list

  • Added a live streamer list to the frontpage, showcasing our users, allowing your discoverability to grow a little!
  • To be aware: This is only going to display you if you are playing: Clone Hero, Guitar Hero III, or Rocksmith 2014


Updates! But it's been so longgg!

  • Updates to the request system now allow us to store requests, meaning...
  • We can track all requests (from now on) that were made through the system! Allowing us to...
  • Add a new column to the requests table: Times Requested, showing the amount of times a song was requested! Which brings with it...
  • A new ordering option, allowing you to order songs by the number of times they were requested
  • Also, we've added a new "Timeframe Limiting" option to the settings page, this will allow you to limit the amount of requests in a certain timeframe, all made possible thanks to us now storing requests


Fixed estimated timing issue

  • Fixed an issue displaying wrong times, caused by generic (non-strict) requests utilising milliseconds (as provided by CH) and our system utilising seconds.


Song Queue Length + URL options

  • Added in Song Length feature! Now you can see how many songs are left in your queue!
  • Updated Genre to be text based wildcard searching, now letting you see all genres like the search term rather than a specific one
  • Can also now hit "enter" to search, rather than clicking the button
  • Song length information now available to utilise in Search
  • Custom bot URL options (In Bot Settings)
  • Added command for random song request
  • Fixed a bug where you could request songs regardless of filtering via bot
  • Additional code cleanup


Dashboard updates

  • Converted the Requests to it's own Model handler
  • Updated the dashboard UI to be smaller, and show more in once (better for smaller devices)
  • Added in `Random Song` button, so now you can pick a random song from the queue
  • Added "hold" and "delete" to the currently playing request, allowing for it to now be held
  • Massive rework to Text-To-Speech, now being a pop-up only, but allowing voice and volume options (plus a test button)


New backgrounds

  • Fixed a small bug with the new instrument system when no instruments selected and enable all unchecked
  • Fixed a small bug in the bot breaking current song command
  • Added 3 new public page backgrounds: Night Sky, Full Moon, Fireflies


Instrument Support!!!

  • Oops, another wipe of the Songs list and Master Song database! Please forgive me
  • More bug fixes for the new Song System (should be working properly now)
  • Added a Latest Songs button to Songs page, to see newest songs since last JSON upload
  • Rearranged the Request settings in Dashboard to be more organised
  • Added in Instrument support, now available on the Dashboard
  • Also added in Max song length filtering, also available on the Dashboard


Bug Fixes / Updates

  • We discovered that the songs weren't sharing between users (as planned to reduce overhead) and have discovered in storing the "playlist" information from the JSON inefficient and pointless and causing comparison issues. We also found out that the implementation of instrument (which will come with the next CH update) was also causing comparison issues, this being due to the JSON not having this information yet, and thus having to provide it manually.
  • Modified new songs page to Dark Mode
  • Modified new songs page to be better modulated
  • Modified new songs page to be more responsive on mobile/tablet devices


Redesigned Song System

  • Redesigned the song system from the ground up
  • Merged Requests and Songs page into one, with a button to switch between them
  • Upgraded song searching, including brand new filtering
  • Faster, more efficient song searching
  • Fixed Links inside Support


Bug Fixes

  • Updated Overwrite mode to allow overwriting even after song requests have been disabled
  • Fixed a bug in which you were unable to actually update your request if it was ON HOLD, this should now be resolved


Updated Setup workflow and added TTS

  • A brand new Setup workflow, allowing new users to get set up faster and easier than ever before!
  • Added in Request Text-To-Speech, available inside the Queue Dashboard, this must be toggled on to work. Alternatively, pop out the TTS window (uncheckmark the dashboard or you will have duplicate audio)
  • Updated FAQs
  • Fixed a few issues on the Bot Settings page
  • Added Bot IP to Whitelist on Firewall


Fixed bot duplication error.


Added in Holding of requests.

  • Added in Holding / Unholding of songs. This feature will allow you to hold a song and replace it back in queue where it should belong when you unhold
  • Updated Suggestions mode, now alphabetical and processes the queue based on the new order rather than song request order
  • Made sure the request list updates if Operation mode is changed
  • Updated the Teams page


Completely replaced front-end of website, not including user pages.


Bug fix noticed by KayHaitch, last song in queue now gets process correctly.


Initial bot release.

  • Requesting via chat
  • Current Request
  • Next Request
  • List public page
  • Clear request list
  • Next song


Initial bot testing.


Added Album and Genre to songs page and sorting.


Backend changes.

  • Updated JSON upload to support CloneHero v22 (and possibly lower)
  • Updated API to ensure duplicate requests were denied


Websockets!! Converted the system to utilise WebSockets. This allows instant updating on all fronts.


Added some new front-end changes.

  • Songs page, allowing viewing of all the streamers songs
  • New backgrounds feature, allowing customisability of the streamer request page


Updated the website to allow web-based requesting.


Initial Alpha released.

  • Twitch Login
  • JSON Upload
  • Song searching